Mud Cloth I tessuti stampati con il fango

I tessut stampati con il fango e loro simbolismo.

Mud Cloth 

Originating from Mali’s Bamana culture, Mudcloth is an ancient art form that involves weaving cloth and dyeing it with fermented mud. In traditional Malian culture, bògòlanfini is worn by hunters, serving as camouflage, as ritual protection and as a badge of status. Women are wrapped in bògòlanfini after their initiation into adulthood and immediately after childbirth, as the cloth is believed to have the power to absorb the dangerous forces released under such circumstances.

Bògòlanfini patterns are rich in cultural significance, referring to historical events (such as a famous battle between a Malian warrior and the French), crocodiles (significant in Bambara mythology) or other objects, mythological concepts or proverbs. Since about 1980, Bògòlanfini has become a symbol of Malian cultural identity.